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Universal Social Charge 01-01-2012

What is it?

From 1 January 2011, the Universal Social Charge (USC) was introduced. The USC is a tax that has replaced both the income levy and the health levy

Who Pays it?

You are liable to pay the USC if your gross income is greater than €4,004 per year.

Medical card holders who were exempt from the income levy are liable to pay the USC if their income is over the exemption limit of €4,004.

Is all income liable?

Most income is liable to the USC however it does not apply to social welfare payments (e.g. maternity benefit and State pensions) or similar payments.

The USC is payable on pension contributions

What Rates is it charged at?

Rate of USC

Charge on income between


€0 to €10,036


Over €10,036 to €16,016


Over €16,016

Be aware that an extra charge of 3% is applied to self-employed income above €100,000.

How can you be sure you are paying the correct amount?

As the USC is calculated on a weekly or monthly basis errors may arise in the amount you pay if you change jobs during the year or if you have additional income in a given month.

How can help?

Please contact us if you would like any further information on the USC

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